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31.15. Create Security Classifications

Worldox allows you to secure files on an individual basis by using Security Classifications.  There are three standard security classifications:

  1. Custom
  2. Private
  3. Semi-Private

The Custom Security Classification allows you to define rights by individual users in the firm (e.g. Mary can see the file, but George cannot, John can see the file and write to the file, but not edit the profile of the document, etc). 

If you find yourself defining the security on files at this granular level routinely (and in the same manner), you may wish to create your own Security Classification.

To first create the classification group:

  • Open the WDADMIN application and select Security -> Classifications:

  • Select 'New':

  • Next you will select the users (and their permissions) for files that are associated with this group:

  • Select the users and click the check mark:

  • Click 'OK':

  • Enter a name for the group, select Who should see the group, and then click 'OK':

  • Now you will see your newly created list:
See File Level Security - Secure a File for more information on how to use this Security Classification
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