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40.19. How to combine two client's documents under one code

From time to time, you may need to combine two client's documents under a single household.  For example, two of your clients may get married, or perhaps you have added the husband as a client, and another person in your firm adds the wife as a client.

  • Determine which code should be used going forward.  Either of the codes is fine, however, most frequently, firms opt to use the male's code for the head of house.  (This example references keeping the husband's code.)

  • Edit the husband's code descriptions to include the wife.  For information on editing descriptions in the code look up table, see:  Edit Descriptions.

  • Now you'll want to add the wife's account numbers and / or insurance policies to the husband's code.

    Note:  It is very important that you add the codes to be  exactly the same as they were under the old client.  I recommend exporting the list of account codes to a .csv file (here are instructions: Export to .csv File) and copying and pasting as you add the values.  For instructions on adding account codes / insurance codes see:  Adding Values

  • Once the accounts are added, you will want to move the documents filed under the wife's code to the husband's code: 

    • Do a global search for all documents filed under the wife's code. 

    • Sort the list of documents by Cabinet (to add "Cabinet" to your search results list see:  Add a Column to your Column Headers)

    • Select all the files in one cabinet, and select "Edit Profile"

    • Edit the client code to the husband's code leaving an asterisk in all the other fields

    • Select OK

    • Repeat these steps for each of the remaining cabinets in your search results lists.

  • Delete the wife's client code


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