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27.1. Introduction to F-Locking

Your firm's compliance officer will have been provided documentation on both SEC and FINRA requirements for electronic record keeping. 

F-Locking is used to assist firms governed by FINRA to utilize Worldox to ensure that their documents are written to WORM technology (Write Once, Read Many).  F-locking a document stores finalized records in a manner that prevents the records from being overwritten, erased or otherwise altered utilizing Worldox proprietary technology that is intrinsic to the system. Although the hardware storage medium used (e.g., magnetic disk) is inherently rewriteable, the integrated codes intrinsic to the system prevent users or administrators from overwriting records that are flagged for WORM behavior. The codes used by Worldox ensure that the flagging of a document for WORM behavior is a permanent, one-way operation—once flagged as WORM, there is no way for the user or administrator to modify that version of the document or to change the document back to non-WORM behavior.

Note:  F-Locking is only required for firms that are governed by FINRA and are Worldox Cloud users, therefore, it is enabled only for those firms.

Trumpet is not legal counsel, so it is ultimately up to you to abide by and conform with regulatory agencies that the process you establish adequately meets their standards.



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