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30.4. Integration works sometimes but not always



Attempting to open, attach or save a file fails the first time (and maybe the second time), but often works after repeated attempts.  This happens when using Worldox "hook" integration only (i.e. not in Word, Excel or Acrobat).

Potential Causes and Resolution

We have seen problems with 'Window Management' applications resulting in the described behavior.  These are applications that may add a button to the Windows title bar (allowing you to quickly switch a window to a different monitor), or add a right click menu item when you right click on a window caption, like this:


The resolution is to disable or uninstall the window management software.  The following instructions cover how to do this with different applications:


Disabling nVidia nView Desktop Manager

In Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features in Windows 7), double click the NVIDIA nView Desktop Manager:


Click the Disable button:

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