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1.1. Install Assemblage

Trumpet Publisher is a tool that is included in the Assemblage application.  Therefore, you must install the full version of Assemblage, but you will be licensed to utilize the Trumpet Publisher tool only.

Assemblage should be installed to a network drive accessible by those in the firm who will need to use the software (e.g. X:\Assemblage).  This does not need a dedicated network drive, and can be installed to an existing location. This network drive should have enough disk capacity to hold all the content that will be included in your report packages.

1)    Download and save the Assemblage Installer file provided to you via email
2)    Double click on the installer executable to run the Installation Wizard
3)    Click "Next" at the Welcome window
4)    Read the Software License Agreement and select "I Agree"
5)    Select "Browse" and locate the network location (drive letter) to which you wish to install Assemblage
6)    Select "Install"
7)    Navigate to X:\Assemblage (where "X" is the network drive to which Assemblage is installed) and double click on the Assemblage executable file (assemblage.exe) to launch
8)    When prompted, copy and paste the license number provided to you via email
9)    Click "OK"

Assemblage should now be installed on your network.


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