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40.18. How to Handle a Divorce of Clients

From time to time, you may have a client couple that gets divorced.  Many folks ask how to handle the situation as it pertains to the documents already filed in Worldox.

Create new client's and account numbers

First, determine which of the two individuals makes the most sense to keep the current code. In the example below, John & Mary Barnes are a married couple.  If John and Mary are getting divorced, I would keep the client code BARNJO1 for John and add a new client for Mary because the code here indicates the first four digits of the last name, the first two of the first name,and then a unique number.

For instructions on adding a client code see:  Add a New Client

Now that you have added the new client, you'll want to add the accounts and/or insurance policies that are applicable to that client.

For instructions on adding accounts see:  Add a New Account

Note:  To ensure that you add the account codes using the same convention as they were under the married couple, you may want to export the list of account numbers to a .csv file and copy and paste from this excel file.  To export the list of client names see:  Exporting a Code Table List to CSV or Excel

Move / Copy pertinent documents

Once the new accounts are added, you will want to move the documents filed under the combined client to the newly added client code.  To do so, find the documents you wish to move

Note:  Select the combined client code, and then select all account numbers/policies that you added to the new client code), then Move the files.  See: Move Files in Bulk. In this instance, you will want to move the documents from the combined code to the new code.

You will also want to make a determination as to which non-account related documents you may wish to move to the new client.  For example, you may want to move the client's wills, trusts, etc.  Other firms opt to make a copy of all the non-account related documents to place in in the new client's client folder so that they have those available under both parties.

Clean up look up tables

Once you have moved / copied all the documents you wish to move / copy, you should clean up your code look up tables by deleting the new clients account numbers/insurance policies from the combined client code. 

Finally, you will want to update the description of the combined client code to reference only the individual who is keeping the code.  See:  Edit a Description


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