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15.9. Manipulating Document Lists

You are able to manipulate the document records for documents in the various document lists.  You may wish to manipulate the records in bulk or on a per document basis.  


Refresh - refreshes the current list

Export as CSV - exports the current list to a .csv file

View Timeline
- provides you with a timeline of documents processed.  See Document Timelines for more information

Show Bulk Operations / Hide Bulk Operations
- this is a 'toggle' button which will show or hide the bulk operations sections

- filters the list based on criteria you enter.  In the "Filter" field, include the criteria in which you would like to use to filter the lists, and then select  "Filter" to filter the list (e.g. X:\Docvault\Client\).

Bulk Operations - Bulk operations will be applied to the filtered (or unfiltered list seen below)

Reanalyze All - will reanalyze the documents in the list

Delete All
- will delete the Symphony OCR database record for the documents in the list

Ignore - will place all the documents items in the Ignore list

Adjust Priority to
- will allow you to set the priority for all documents in the list.  By default, Symphony OCR will analyze/process the most recent documents first, and then work backwards to process other documents.  See Processing Priorities for more information.

Single Document Control - the following apply to the documents in the list and not bulk operations

Document Details - to see the details regarding the document (e.g. document history, visible words, hidden words, etc) select the document from the list

Reanalyze Document - will place the document in the Analyzing list for re-analyzation

Ignore - will place the document in the Ignore list

- opens the document

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