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34.2. Attaching Worldox Links Choosing Files in Internet Explorer

Many web-based CRMs allow you to attach files to actions.  Trumpet encourages you to utilize Worldox Links (or shortcuts) to the documents to ensure that you don't have documents filed in multiple locations (the Worldox document repository *and* your CRM).

  • To do so, in your CRM, select the "Upload" or "Browse" button.

  • Worldox will open the Search interface

  • Find the files you wish to attach to the action.
    Note:  You can attach multiple Worldox links at the same time using this method
  • Double click to select the file(s) and clarify your selection (Select "Continue")

  • Worldox will prompt you to select:

    • Full copies of the files
    • In a Worldox file list (internal use only)
    • Encrypted container (i.e. a passworded ZIP file)

  • Select the "In a Worldox file list (internal use only)" radio button

  • Under the "Worldox List Name" you can rename the file as you would like it to appear.

  • Select "OK"

This will add the files to your CRM's action.

Note:  In order to enable this integration, you will need to enable the integration with MS Dynamics.  For instructions on enabling hook integration see Integrate Worldox with Other Applications




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