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31.6. Change an Existing Worldox User's Name

If you have an employee that has undergone a name change and you need to update this person's Worldox user record, there are 2 options:

1) Change the User Name, but NOT the User Code


2) Change the User Name AND the User Code

1. Change User Name Only

If the user code is just the first name or is otherwise still accurate and you simply want to update the user's display name, this is simple to do:

  • In Windows Explorer, navigate to X:\Worldox\Wdadmin.exe (where "X" is the drive on your network where Worldox is installed)

  • Double click on the WDAdmin.exe program to launch.  If it is password protected, enter your password

  • In WDAdmin, select Users > Add/Edit

  • Double-click on the user's record to open

  • Edit the display name as needed - but do NOT adjust the user code

2. Change the User Name AND User Code

You should never edit a user's User Code.  Editing the User Code is essentially the same as creating a new user record and deleting the old - which will cause you to lose audit trail information for this user, and will "orphan" the Filed By field of all documents that user has filed.  Instead, you'll want to deactivate the old user record and set up a new record:

  • First, deactivate the old user record.  Visit Delete / Deactivate a User for more detailed instructions

  • Then, create a new user account for this employee.  Visit Add a New User for more detailed instructions



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