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14.6. Customizing the New Search Button

Older installations of Worldox have a "New Search" button or bookmark. 


When selecting this button, the search card will open with a cabinet pre-selected for you:


If you want to have the New Search Bookmark reference a different cabinet, there are a few steps you'll want to follow to ensure that you don't change it for all users.

  • Select the "New Search" button
  • Select the "Cabinet" button
  • Select the appropriate cabinet
  • In the Search card, select the "Options" button and choose "Save Template"
  • The "Save Find Template" window will open
  • Here are some directions for filling in these fields:
    • Name of Template: This should remain "New Search", you do not need to edit this field
    • On Selection: This should remain "Show Template"
      • Note:  If you change the radio button to "Perform Search" you will not be prompted to fill in the client, or other information and Worldox will automatically perform a search for all documents in the cabinet you have selected.
    • Save Template for:
      • Only Me - Select this radio button when you do not want to change the template for *all* users, but just for yourself.  If you do not have power user rights, this will be your only option.
      • Important:  This is the best option for you to select to ensure that the other users in your firm do not have their new search button changed!!!
      • -Everyone - Select this radio button when you want to make the change for *all* users.  You will only have this option if you have power user rights.
      • Limited Groups/Users - Select this radio button when you want to make the change for some users but not all users.
  • Select "Save"
  • Select the "Save as new personal template" radio button:
  • Select "OK"
  • When selecting the New Search button, the search card should default to have the appropriate cabinet selected:
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