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31.14. Summary Reporting

As the Worldox administrator, you may need to know how many files a cabinet contains, how many documents are filed under particular document types, or other useful summarized information.  Worldox provides you with the ability to run a Summary Report to find just such information.

To run a summary report in Worldox:

  • Open a Search Card and select both the cabinet you wish to run the summary report against, and "Search What"

  • Select the "Summary Report" check box

  • Select "OK"

  • Select "Search"

  • This will open the summary report.

  • You can see that it only provides you with the Modified Date and Cabinet column headers.  You can add the appropriate column headers to see the results as you would like them to appear:

Note:  To add and remove column headers see the knowledge book chapter:  Column Headers

Note:  The blue font indicates the number of documents found.



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