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5.1. If you have Unfulfilled Reservations

Check the Indexer

Symphony Profiler Processor relies on the Worldox indexes to find reservations.  Therefore, you should check your indexer workstation and ensure the following

  • The machine is logged on
  • The Indexer software is launched and "counting down"
  • The Symphony Profiler Processor is running

Check the Unfulfilled Reservations


Symphony Profiler performs Worldox indexed based searches to locate unfulfilled reservations.  This is achieved by searching for files with an XPF file extension.  If the indexed search does not return the XPF files, then Symphony Profiler can not fulfill them.

There are many reasons that the indexed search might not return files - the following test protocol covers the most common causes.

Test Protocol

Here are some things to check if entries are missing from the Unfulfilled Reservations list:

  1. Check to ensure that  the Worldox indexer is running and that the indexes are up to date
  2. Make sure all of your PGs are properly configured - if you have a profile group that is missing a base path, it must be marked as inactive.  If you do make changes, restart Symphony Profiler Processor.
    Why? If one of your profile groups is mis-configured, it can prevent S-Pro from finding reservations in other profile groups (this is caused by a bug in the Worldox API).
  3. Launch Worldox as the user configured in the Symphony Profiler Worldox configuration and do a search for *.xpf
    1. If the reservation appears in Worldox but the S-Pro Processor is still not finding it, a network interruption could have caused S-Pro to think that the network drives are offline.  Try closing and re-launching S-Pro.   (Note: the latest S-Pro version has a number of checks to work around network disconnects - make sure you are running the latest release if this continues to be an issue)
    2. If the reservations do not appear in a Worldox search, check Worldox and network security (see Configuring Worldox Security for Symphony Profiler for details)
    3. Be sure to search a couple different ways to make sure your Quick Access search template has not been altered. The Quick Access template is used by Symphony, so if someone inadvertently saved over it with a custom search then Symphony will not be doing a global search.



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