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20.8. Adjusting Starting List Preferences

Disable the Starting List that Appears when Worldox is Launched

We recommend that Worldox be configured to display a blank page when Worldox is first launched.  This is our default configuration, but older sites may still be configured to display all favorites instead of a blank page (this can introduce a significant delay when starting Worldox).

  1. In Worldox, select Edit > Home Location

  2. Select the Worklist Files button

  3. Change the Home location to Show: Blank Page.  Click "OK"

  4. If you'd like to disable the starting list every time you open Worldox, check the "Every time" checkbox.  Otherwise, this will only disable the starting list for just the first time you launch Worldox

  5. Click "OK"


Change the Number of Files that Appear in the Starting List when Worldox is Launched

If you prefer to have Worldox display a list of your recent favorite documents when you launch, here is how to adjust the number of documents that will appear in the favorites list:

  1. In Worldox, select Edit > Preferences > Worldox

  2. In the Category panel, select "Favorite Files History"

  3. In the right panel, double-click on the Maximum Favorite Files entry

  4. Change the value to the number of files you'd like to display, and click "OK"

  5. The new setting will be reflected in the Value column.  The Default column simply indicates what the Worldox factory settings are

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