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11.1. Version Change Log

Details -

- Updated license agreement to refer to Trumpet, LLC instead of Trumpet, Inc. - 

- Change help system to use online resources instead of compiled help file
- Move to non-Oracle version of the Java Runtime (we are now using an embedded instance of the Liberica JDK - https://bell-sw.com/pages/java-11.0.3/)
- Once has been installed, users can uninstall Oracle Java Runtimes without impacting Attach Plus (note that you may have other software that relies on the Oracle Java Runtime) -

- Attach Plus will now use MS Office PDF converters for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents if MS Office 2007 or higher is installed on the machine (print drivers are used otherwise)
- Installer was displaying "Important upgrade information" dialog on brand new installs
- Opened up running on Windows 10 machines -

Added support for Office 365 Click-To-Run installations of Office 2013 -

- Compatibility fix - Send To integration in Office 2013 (365 Click To Run installs only) was not integrating with Attach Plus
- Compatibility fix - Attach Plus was unable to obtain COM interface for Outlook.Application in Office 2013 Click To Run installs -

- Bug fix - GoldMine wasn't appearing as an email application on brand new installs of GoldMine -

Complete overhaul for Windows 8 and Server 2012 plus Office 2013 support
Added support for attaching to 'inline' emails in Outlook 2013
Move to annual subscription model

Older Versions -

Added tons of debug lines to GoldMineTarget (troubleshooting issue with GM send changing window titles of all top level windows in the system) -

Bug fix - mapi.appsForAlwaysLocalCacheFile wasn't working b/c of string type-o
Added wbgx.exe to default mapi.appsThatUseTempPathProperly settings -

Added mapi.appsForAlwaysLocalCacheFile setting - this is a list of applications that send network files to MAPI, but then immediately delete the network file.  We will copy the file to local storage for those applications.  Default value is |pfxengagement.exe| -

Added debugging line - trying to figure out crashing problem -

Bug fix - first attachment to GoldMine was showing the filename with odd characters -

Bug fix - Worldox GX3 WDL files with single entries were not being resolved to their LFN form -

Bug fix - GoldMine email targets sometimes show up duplicated
Bug fix - GoldMine email target sometimes defaults to New instead of Existing, even if there is an

existing email open -

Changed GM integration point fix from so it uses critical sections instead of boolean trap to eliminate the problem where attachments weren't going to existing emails sometimes
If Attach Plus is luanched in compatibility mode, we clear the compatibilty flag and re-launch -

Tweak to GM integration point to try to resolve issue with duplicate emails showing in targets list
Installer: Moved to new version of UAC NSIS plugin
Installer: Fixed \r\n garbage in description of installer screen
Installer: Changed the JRE download specification (fix problem with Java install not working in

Installer: Added Startup\Disable paperclip integration to the group policy adm template -

Bug fixes when attaching lnk or aplink files (we now resolve the target before creating the new attachment)
Installer now adds a Send Using Attach Plus right click menu for Folders (this is to provide users with the ability to send a shortcut pointing to the folder - the regular Send To->Mail Recipient command doesn't work for this - if the folder contains files, the files get sent instead of a shortcut to the folder) -

Changed text of Send To Integration not Enabled warning dialog to be a bit more clear (old text refered to launching the email app) -

Fixed 'missing xref' problem with some PDF files
Moved to iText-20110209 - this makes the installer quite a bit bigger, but makes things work with newer PDF files -

New help content - removed references to Worldox, added reference to support forums -

Bug fix:  Attach Plus creating xname.lib files in non-worldox directories -

Added UAC elevation to Settings dialog
Added UAC elevation to 'Attach Plus Send To integration is not enabled' dialog
Added new .aplink behavior - we now attach our own file format - when the attachment is double clicked, Windows Explorer is opened with the target file selected -

Tweak to the fix in to make it work with docx file extensions (it was showing a ~ value instead of the full doc id)
Bug fix: printing from Word to Save & Email PDF driver under Windows 7 causes sporadic lockups
Changed print driver handler so it reposts the ENDDOC message - this allows us to do post-operations on a UI thread (out of the print spooler thread)
Bug fix:  Fix problem where the first time a Word document is printed to Attach Plus Save & Email driver, there is a long delay (this only happened with GoldMine as the email client) (this is fixed by the print driver handler repost) -

Fixed bug where Worldox filename retrieval didn't work with files with long extensions -

Made silent mode so it won't show the welcome wizard -

Changed to install print drivers using install.exe (Windows 7 compatability) - (also included in

Adjusted help system to say Worldox GX or Later
Update the MFC and CRT distributables - (also included in

Added error catch and additional logging to OutlookTargetGroup_Existing

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