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2.1. Opening and Closing Symphony OCR

Opening and Closing Symphony

To access it directly log onto the workstation where Symphony OCR is installed.

  • To open Symphony OCR:
    • If the web browser is closed, but Symphony OCR is still open, the user interface can be accessed by right-clicking on the Symphony OCR icon in the system tray and choosing "Show Browser Window"
    • If Symphony OCR is not running, use the desktop shortcut "Symphony OCR" to launch Symphony OCR
  • To close Symphony OCR (Run as a logged in User):
    • Right-click on the Symphony OCR icon in the system tray and select "Quit"
    • Or, select "Quit" from the bottom left corner of the web browser window
  • To close Symphony OCR (Run as a Windows Service):
    • Navigate to the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services
    • Select Symphony OCR and click the "Stop" link

You can also access Symphony OCR from your workstation see:  Accessing Symphony OCR


Refreshing Data

Since Symphony OCR uses a web interface, the display may not automatically refresh as it performs its work. You can manually refresh by selecting the "Refresh" button in Symphony OCR or in the web browser. The Symphony OCR summary page refreshes automatically every 60 seconds. All other pages require a manual refresh.

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