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9.7. How should we work with former Clients and Assemblage

Assemblage only creates Assemblies if there is content for a given recipient.  If there is no content, it will not generate the assembly for you to deliver or archive.

Therefore, to prevent having an Assembly for a former client you should not create content for them.  Here's a sampling of how you can prevent generating the content:

Contact Management Software - Remove the client from the "Rule" that you are using to generate your address sheets and / or cover letters.

Portfolio Management Software -

  1. Portfolio Center - Remove the group or accounts from the sets that you utilize to run your batch jobs
  2. Advent Axys- Remove the group or accounts from the master group or other source that you use to generate your reports

Note:  The list above isn't meant to be exhaustive but to provide you with some suggestions for how to prevent the generation of content.

If you do generate content for a former client and do not wish to deliver or archive this content, you can delete it by accessing it via the Details Pane in Assemblage.  It is recommended that you remove the Client from the source at the time that you do this so you aren't continually having to delete it.

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